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Welcome to Roane State Foundation’s scholarship application system, Blackbaud Award Management.


**Please note the search box is not active at this time. There are many scholarships available but only one application needed. Once an application is submitted it is automatically auto-matched to all scholarships with matching criteria. *

The scholarship application for the 2024-2025 school year will open on March 15th and close on May 31st. Please login with your RaiderNet credentials. Most of our scholarships are awarded for one full year. The total amount of the scholarship will be divided with half being received in the fall semester and the other half being received in the spring. Spring renewals are automatic provided the student still meets the stated scholarship criteria. All Foundation scholarships require students to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA with some exceptions being higher.

Please be certain to fully submit the application! Partial applications will not be accepted. IMPORTANT -You will only need to fill out the general application and will be automatically matched with opportunities for which you meet the qualifications. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission of your application. Foundation scholarships are awarded according to board policy and based on financial need. Note: Scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funds each year and annual award amounts may vary.

*If you are offered a scholarship you must complete the post-acceptance requirement of submitting a thank-you letter with a recent photograph which will be submitted to the scholarship donor. Post-acceptance must be received within 10 days of the offer email in order for the scholarship to be awarded. Failure to do so may result in the offer being withdrawn.

Please keep a watch for scholarship offers in your email. They are only sent through email. Award selections will be made from June – August. It is important that you check your email account regularly. Scholarship offers are time sensitive. Please do not miss out on an opportunity due to failure to check email!

Please answer truthfully and thoroughly. Thank you for applying for Roane State Foundation scholarships and good luck in your educational journey at Roane State Community College! Returning students must complete a new scholarship application each year.

*Please disregard the “No Opportunities Available” message below under “Awards” and proceed to the “SIGN IN” Box in the upper right hand corner of this page and begin your application process.

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